Hidden behind dark glasses,

unshown sadness shades the days covering the pain, constantly peeking through the pupils, at the ruthless and evil disruptions and corruptions hurting many people yet, we equal? Visionary…so “They”say!….Wait!…Who are “They” anyway?

Talking snakes slither to deliver venom to strike at anytime…eyes shaded are not blind.


The Demon

Cold sweats, he shooked

in and out of death,

silently whispering confession

of dark nightmares

hated for years later

after his death…

hunting me

he hasn’t left…

breathing the same whispers

at night,

tugging my pillow from

left to right,

“Stay Awake”…

but I’m too tired…

the whispers goes away


sleeplessness pray


back again, the next day…

Freestyle @ tha Mic

Excuse Me Tha Topic Is What? Bachelor’s (in 50 words)…Hmm Let Me See…

Check One-Check Two…

Yo, Check Three..

I’m classy chica…nice to meet ya..

I clutched a 5 degree-Bachelor’s…

it ain’t listed on Match Makers….Computer Coochie Takers…Did I Say..Video-Money-Gram-Rakers….nooohhhs…Mine’s All Knowledge… from College… better yet…a University… best known in Boca.. you See… Beauty and Brains…yeah thats Me…-Mic Drop-

Street Shooter

Writing her page,

A good girl goes

bad started at an early age,

she given up on school,

family, rules and law,

she did what she like

and got what she saw…

Not living for her future

she was the street shooter,

she shot Men,

not giving a damn if

they only wanted her to be friends…

Tough and strong,

you didn’t cross her or do her wrong,

she would shoot before she fought

not given others a second thought…

She didn’t live in the past,

she ruthless while it lasted,

until, the day a drive-by blasted

her in two parts


she is caring with a heart…

She lay paralyzed sipping

from a tube

wondering what now,

do she do…


Smoking mirrors reveal a man

so deceitful, injected in evil,

dress rich,

red face builder on foundations of

disgrace upon name smothered


pointing blame,

collecting fat armies

of rural demons marching his March,

walking hypocriticals

in backrooms engaging

in chatter and false laughter


Race war, Health War, More War…

Hell No!!

Broken Mirror hammered

away rapid


forcing a virus

to corrupt

Multicultural Freedoms,

of All Americans in Love and Peace.✌

Goodnight Midnight

Midnight mist

followed a road

walked by a

Warrior long

journey home…

Patiently waiting


he met

a pair of beautiful


dancing in



to lead him

back to her bed…

Kissing her soft lips


griped her

hips and thighs,

playfully rolling in

her burgundy silks…

She cuddled


lifting a size raising

to her surprise,

he unlocked her gem

he excitedly explored…

He thrust gently

in rhythm

around curves,


a sparkling love


over them.