You Left

Looking up at the sky

like why?

Emotions raining

down on my face

as my heart hurts

of the lost of your

precious life.

Strom clouds 



the hidden

issues and dark secrets

you once faced


Now, visibly

shocking as

lightning strikes

the hearts

you hurted.

Rumors stirring 


of ugly

remarks in pain

of hail scornfulness,

when your voice 

is not heard

to clear away

the spinners

and hypocritical


Why ask why?

When answers are

never truly honored

as truth.

We are missing

and love you even

if you looking


and you are 


a tornado of

family feelings.

Running Tears

Heavy hearts

flooded in

memories of 

your life

rewinds back

to how things

were when

you were lively and

happy, enjoying

the things that

you love.


confined by

a white sheeted

bed, hooked up

on monitors

struggling to 

breathe as pain

shock waves 

inside your veins 

that make it

hard for you 

to maintain

or entertain

energy to live

yet, we wish 

that you still

keep trying

as we know

inside you

are dying as

we are crying

wishing we can

save you.

Mindful Warrior

Eyes saddened

of worries



not claiming

defeat amongst

the impossible 


wore down

of the heavy load

carrying each step

out of many doors of

locks and

reintroductions of

reflected mirrors

fighting tough

as a Warrior.

Mind racing

on a second clock,

defending actions

striking down inablities,

seeking capabilities

to conquer.

Slicing for clarity 

amongst the midst

that breaks the

cemented storm

around a hurted heart,

crossed by checkers

pretending chess


of punches,

tasting reality

into a 

blast-shooting for Peace.

The Right Touch

Flirting touches

in smiling eyes 

shining bright,


sweet soft kisses

as lips 


minds into 

a fog of

tickling hands


curves and thighs,

playfully uncovering

secrets of

awaiting discoveries,

and hidden treasures,

to a fantasy of

euphoria in

passion and ecstasy.



Hot tea

flowing into cups

around a table

of ladies

swallowing plenty as

the Florida sunshines

glares on their wrinkle skin.

Stories reminiscing on

their youth within and

social views chatters

hushed with laughter

followed by

real life

conversations reflecting


sharing of pen and paper

letters, and whispers of secrets

shared on a three-way home phone.

Memories recorded away 

as back in the 

good old days,

as their friendship

continue to last

generations and 

new creations of


My Pace

Moving forward 

one step at a time

thinking on 

the before now,

pushing harder

for a better right now.

Slow stroll

noticing different

people intentions,

not fazed by fast

tongues spitting

drama or criticism.

Careful with the

pace of my stride

humble, patience

and hardwork

flow within veins of

our family pride.

One step closers to my

future destination

will be near,

 as onlookers who don’t see

me now, will have their 

vision cleared.


You became bold and took hold of me. In your eyes, you express enjoyment and confidence that only you can see- deep-down, where no one else can ever be…

You maybe a mystery to me, but truly a blessing, to be able to agree to disagree and love unconditionally. 

You hold my heart, each day taking it on a journey cherishing each heart beat to our rhythm groove that flows love everlasting.