Sierra Redwood

She’s a goddess

in her own light

humble and beautiful,

always wanting things

to go right,

which they sometimes do,

other times misery pokes

its pitch fork


her work, when she had no clue.

Noisy, rubbish, distractions,

delayed her performance

branching into inosculation


she keeps

growing and pushing

towards her goals


any paranoia,

to stand indestructibly


as a Giant Sequoia.


My Confidence

Looking in the mirror

you give me reasons

to keep going

even when you feel tired

your spirit gives off power

to survive and make it thru each


Your eyes shine bright possibilities

uniquely pumping muscle abilities

and capabilities to achieve what is not


into a heart that has been broken.

Your memory hasn’t forgotten

where you came from or where you

been, only communicating within,

“Your comfortable in my own skin.”

Therapy Vent Session: Part 1-Watchout

A little girl at eight

walked to the corner store

during a bright day

thirty feet from the door


hidden behind a car tire

she watch war transpire

blasted rounds shots fire

she covered her ears

holding back tears

watching her uncle age 24


she ran to hold his hand

a bullet she caught

in the leg,

smart enough to lay dead

holding tight his bloody hand

until the red and blue


she survive

not her uncle

Evidence of a struggle was found.. pound to the heart, quarter to the lungs and fifth made his body stiff.

December 3rd the date

memories of life…

she can’t never escape.

Therapy Vent Session: Part 2-Fight

Same girl

now, thirteen…

off the bus,

girls grabbed, pushed and

cussed at chick talking slick,

left fist to right eye, right fist to the

rib, stomping her body still

was a prize

she beat an enemy she coldly

heartly despised.

She had a bully reputation

but preferred to be left alone,

mom never home

or gone on mental vacations,

to come back to punish

injected needles and poppin


A John Doe hunted the door,

undress to explore


she couldn’t take it anymore…,

he was stabbed

in the back and thrown

to the floor.

Mother and daughter separated

for twelve years

she grew up by an aunt, shown love

by her peers.

At sixteen her mom had died…fighting killer emotions she had pinned up inside…

Medieval Dreams

Dark at midnight,


a Knight

ruthlessly creeps

into my dreams,

killing predators

wanting demands

using his bare hands

to shatter pain hidden to the lucid,

swinging his long black sword edging

out the stupid,

he swung using his full physique

as I watched

frozen by admired mystery

of his age


his last enemy drops

then he stops,

and took me into his gaze.

My right hand touch his cheek,

his brown eyes shine uniqueness

touching my heart weakness,

losing all fear of him

moving clouds to cover

three moons dim.

He took me by my hands

picking me up into a

horse and buggy,

riding away from a foggy road

back home

we arrived,

his black sword engraved with my

initials by his side…,

he kiss my forehead goodbye


Knight was gone…

awaken by my alarm radio playing

Minnie Riperton, “Every Time He

Comes Around.”