You challenge me with your words,

your tactics rattle me,

but don’t distrub

the mental focus on


Red lines can’t cross out in Errors.


Go Get It Trent

As you fly to start your journey

we are missing you already,

knowing you are ready

to live out your dreams

praying everyday they come true.

Just know your family has your back.

We will always be that #1 Family Crew

To say,

Keep Pushing,

Handle that B- Ball,

Shoot those Threes,

We know you got what it takes

to fill the Arena fans full of screams.

Your family will always be with you

to cheer and represent you and the

Illinois Basketball Team.

Go get it Trent!

🔶️🔷️#WeWillWin 🔶️🔷️

Working To Win

Sweating, tired, body hurting, and aging each day.

Working steady, giving everything I do my all.

I apply consistent pressure to heal my wounds to Stand Strong.

Tunnel vision blocks out many

attempts to see me be taken

down, as an underdog, to spread news

in gossip column on a market.


I am not scared, I won’t quit.

I wont let aches and pains

define my steps.

Determined, disciplined and a heart

beat with stamina to finish with

Victory, I give it my all to Win one

minute and one round at a time.