Underneath his

heavy jacket

his heart

frozen cold.


cling to him

in the winter

stomping boots

right thru

his mind.

Teasing heat to

unfreeze his fondness

beneath his snow cap,

his loneliness

touch hands

mitten by

chills to keep

him warm

purely, wearing no gloves

are frost bitten

to his touch.

Ice cold for so

long he sits

by the fire

in a reclinder.


Too Sweet…

Cupcake sprinkles


lit on the sparkler

showering money,

and gifts

to take a sip


in between

material object thighs

as mini projects to

get under sheets.

Laser eyes

burn holes

underneath clothes


down organs

splurging in

deep pockets


body infrastructure

to falling knees


by ignorance.

Slow lit candles

captivating essence

of a soft glow

sharing evaluations

and reviews

over a humble

home cook meal

eating icing

on the cake for dessert.

Ease Up

Your in my head

working extra hard

driving me crazy,

connection strong

neither you or I

know if it can be wrong.

I wish love could move


to slowly fall for you,

knowing what we both

went thru

in our relationship past,

walking a tight rope that didn’t even


Let’s not

slip to fall

to misery,

given our love history.

Let’s take our time,

enjoying each other’s mind

keeping Love a mystery.

Hold Off

Precious Love

full of intense affection,

so sweet, so uniquely rare,

I not sure if you really out there…

for ME.

Thought I found you once or



was wrong those relationships

didn’t end nice.

Some say wait on precious love,

others say look and you should find


those are the same people

been divorce many times.

Precious Love,

if you out there for me

just let me be


I am really ready.

Be Well… Friend

You will always be a friend

to me,

each moment cherished

even though you probably

can careless…

Careful not to call you “Selfish”,

Took a trip to meet you…,

No, “Hi” or “How do you do’s”…,

just unwanted clues

that it was your life

to choose

to stay away and hide

the pain you feel inside.


by so many others

in and out

hurting your life

that weren’t right…

I won’t be that friend that might

demands answers or smothers you


I will keep it real

and have patience

staying true to you,

wanting you to come out of your


instead of always sending cards

wishing you were WELL.

Let Me Go

I want to be free of you

let me go

there’s no love between us


you know this…

No need for the uproar.

Stop holding me back,

I want my life on a better track.

NO more abuse,

NO more days to years of misuse,

I don’t want to fight


you hit me out of anger,

each strike causing harm and danger

to my body and life that I never

wanted to be haunted

by your deceitful ways…,

please let go of me,

let me be free to live better days.

Bestfriend Secrets

She called me over

to her house

to confess,

she had a lie

for five years

to get off her chest,

being my friend

she knew me best,

bad news

don’t help me rest

at night,

problems swings tight fist

left and right..,

Pulling up

in her driveway,

turning off the ignition

she met me in her doorway,

stumbling over her omissions…,

pleading in repetition

“Sorry, …”

Shaking my head in despair,

we sat outside quietly

in the freezing air,

side by side

holding hands,

both unsure where our friendship