Brights lights hit your face

shinning and stunning

away your fears,

haters still talking

but, not to your ears…

years of hard work

showing the world your worth

you a star,

setting your own levels,

fighting your inner devils,

hiding your blemishes and scars,

for a shining perfection imagine

of who you are… a powerful bright


Dedicated: To anyone who believes they’re a Star, but hasn’t seen their shine yet.



Smoking mirrors reveal a man

so deceitful, injected in evil,

dress rich,

red face builder on foundations of

disgrace upon name smothered


pointing blame,

collecting fat armies

of rural demons marching his March,

walking hypocriticals

in backrooms engaging

in chatter and false laughter


Race war, Health War, More War…

Hell No!!

Broken Mirror hammered

away rapid


forcing a virus

to corrupt

Multicultural Freedoms,

of All Americans in Love and Peace.✌


From the bottom

I can’t see

who can see me

from the top

looking up to keep from

looking down and all around me

to see pain and others fighting

quietly to not go insane.

When does things change?

Price of rent too expensive,

request a raise, Job notes thats


Grinding for better will always

remain, climbing from the bottom

will Soon change.


It’s where I am from

I show you the swag

that you see,

the way I walk

outlines all the curves

in my physique,

the clothes that I

choose are my favorite


the shoes on my feet

have walk many miles.

Hair nappy and

wild, complementing

a bright beautiful smile,

eyes brown with a

sparkling glow,

Head held arch-high

everywhere I go.

It’s where I am going

I show you the confident me.

Passing the same streets

I use to hang where friends meet,

my mind-set

a little more forgiving

to travel a different path

of living

from past stumbles,

recognizing others hustles

to survive,

motivating my

mission to strive


everyday I am alive.

Working To Win

Sweating, tired, body hurting, and aging each day.

Working steady, giving everything I do my all.

I apply consistent pressure to heal my wounds to Stand Strong.

Tunnel vision blocks out many

attempts to see me be taken

down, as an underdog, to spread news

in gossip column on a market.


I am not scared, I won’t quit.

I wont let aches and pains

define my steps.

Determined, disciplined and a heart

beat with stamina to finish with

Victory, I give it my all to Win one

minute and one round at a time.

My Climb

Bless with challenges fighting with my own mind, forcing my own pressures to strengthen my fuels of positive energy. Genetics and blood works different within me but the will to succeed breathes the same as others. My will power of loyalty to finish grows from all of my dismays of closed doors.Troubles may arise with high tides and unexpected divides but my spirit will fight. I will push pass obstacles and bulldoze barriers of hate to make my own fate.