Dying Dark



a boarded window

into a dark room


from a heart


out of chest

by stab wounds,

deeply ruptured

by a


gutted to defeat

the life out of me.

As wounds

bleed out,

pressure applied

by pillows


a face



on red sheets

dying away

day by day.


A Real Friend

Many words

of bad news


fast about you,

rumors in mini


uttering stutters

out of your

foul smelling


Here’s the mouthwash

and the toothbrush,

clean up fast

before the meal

spills red wine

over announcements

flossing out your

dental on headlines

into web space.

Greedy devils feast


fueling junk food

and sugar sweets

to repeat trashy


rioting out dinner

dwellers stomachs.


Leg lifts, squats, steps, reach,

jump…too much sweaty exercises for

all my gluteus maximus…Walking up-

hill on a treadmill for forty-five

minutes for me is just fine, one glass

of red wine… motivation to a healthy

mind. Eating green, taking vitamins,

drinking plenty water trying to avoid

medical scenarios staying young and

alive…too many peers rest in peace,

that didn’t care about their body have

died. Thirty-minute mediation,

staying humble in a wicked world

with many faces trouble not seek,

fueling my inner peace to be driven to

share a healthy living with love and

clear decisions.

Running into Me

Running out of breath

she stops to take a rest.

Her mind and body have been


trying to

relieve stress.

Pacing her breathing,

she ignored the blue bird singing

out glorious melodies,

only to be distracted in her own


Overreacting and hyperventilating

a breeze slightly blew cool air upon

her face, sending an aroma of scented

flowers amusing

her nose on

her path walk home

yet, she felt alone.

She was always stressing away her

blessings, and not appreciating

life lessons


SHE was me.

A negative side of thee,

that runs up

upon every situation,

stimulating the

worst aggravation

in the mind.

Written Legacy

Discovering an old journal

reading a page,

throwback to

teenage days,

a girl at an early age

Curvise written coded

sassy- smart,


a youthful loving heart.

She saw much and wrote MORE.

Page after page,

the world around her dissolved…

Words faded blends

into torn murky pages…

emerging Printed Words

of a determined lady,

noting the ugly,

illustrating the shady.

Journal pages blew by

few days of happiness


she got on her knees and prayed.

Halo light surrounded her

surviving soul,

recording her strength as her hands

and body gets old.

She uncovered her

lost and found,

sitting in a rocking chair,

looking around smelling fresh air…

small letters of print

she started new pages

dedicated her journals,

to the younger generations.


Darkness filled his eyes as a cold breeze blew between the distance squeezing his squealing prey into his arms, chained in posion ivy veins he threw venom upon a trapped victim, tangled into a weak instinct… his voice echoed evil disgust, spitting gasoline fire from the pit of his miserable cold heart. .. pounding on flesh and bones was his joyful dessert as he feast greedily, finishing proud, leaving bloody, black and blue his signature.