My eyes caught yours,

as You once stared into

my deep, dark-brown,

all the time before,

your stare turned

into a glance

every once


We became You.

I miss you.

You used to cherish

Us as a couple.


ticked inseparable

into fun days.

Laughter and

flirty gestures

turned into

sexy gateways


We became You,

not Us.

I miss Us.

Quiet and observant,

I vow to love you

and give you

loyalty to heart

until retired.

Throwback love song


once again,

Harmony respected

by many,

not all can hold the tune.

Working To Win

Sweating, tired, body hurting, and aging each day.

Working steady, giving everything I do my all.

I apply consistent pressure to heal my wounds to Stand Strong.

Tunnel vision blocks out many

attempts to see me be taken

down, as an underdog, to spread news

in gossip column on a market.


I am not scared, I won’t quit.

I wont let aches and pains

define my steps.

Determined, disciplined and a heart

beat with stamina to finish with

Victory, I give it my all to Win one

minute and one round at a time.

My Pen

To do things my way

the methodology of actions

easily justified although

classified down to the

minute of attention

between reflection 

and impulse.

Heart and feelings

easily displayed as 

my final judgment

is written into


The ink dries

slowly, deepening

the emotions of 

words and actions

of life that can partially

be erased, recreated, or 


The reality of my pen is

not muted or petrified

by truthfulness

it has seen, lived, and loved.

Nor is the language of

defeat, disappointments,

and disapprovals 

are disinclined.