Children’s Innocence

You gonna get yours!

Leave the innocence


stalking and creeping

to take

a precious gift


not to you.

You gonna get yours!

Raging at a

frightened child


a tender small



so hard

leaving scars.

You gonna get yours!

I served

to protect

and care for

the little

precious souls


in ways

that mature them to


You gonna get yours!

Take my words


you choose

if you

mess with the

precious little ones




and get what you deserve!

3 thoughts on “Children’s Innocence

    1. Thank you for commenting. I chose this piece because I work directly with those children abuse and violated everyday. I watch these precious children try to cope and trust adults again. Its a challenge to get them back to feeling like a kid again. Today was one of those days that our justice system failed for a child and I had to reflect. I haven’t been on wordpress for a while because I was transitioning into this field…Thank God for this platform of expression and readers like you that take the time to reflect with me.

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      1. God Bless You, for all your efforts in trying to help these children to become children again. I cannot imagine how diffigult it is to hear the stories of their abuse. My heart would be breaking minute by minute.
        Like you said… This is an awesome platform to share pieces like this and bring more awareness this epidemic that is world wide.
        Again, God Bless You!!! xoxo!

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