The Perfect Star?

Can you catch a perfect star?

No replica or settling

for less

of Love

precious in True love


Observing the sky at night you see plenty of stars, Right?

When I look up there…Out of all of the stars I see only one that’s the brightest one, the sweetest one, the kindest one… the most reliable one…


my eyes to see,

tongue in nature’s sight

you sprung on me tonight

something special I’ve never seen.

I caught a star.

The best star for me in perfection.

It’s taken years


I think I found you, and you found me…I’ve never touched a star before…Glowing hot!

Will it or will it not…Burn me if I touch it right?…

I’ll wait and see,

Time for us equals to cool down in degrees.

Time is our best destiny, to see the things in each…It’s just not that easy to catch the perfect star!

I want this star to show me if I’m not regretting or being deceived

by a light

that’s not really

for me.

Time…For you…Time…For me…I don’t want to hurt you and you don’t want to hurt me.

So catching the perfect star

can rather be good

or rather bad

for you or me.

Love in reality time letting your love grow never asking


there’s only

one star for me….

You are that perfect star.


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