More To Do

If my pencil could permanently erase the stress,

in children and adults with no food in their guts,

no money for their needs,


by folks not hearing their pleads,

living in environment unsafe,

hindering life to succeed,

Using all the erasers in the World quickly, it would be erase

and replaced,

back on to the

Too privileged to feel obligated


witnessing the less fortunate struggling,

seeing small children faces starving,

to walk by distasteful clutching wallets,

sending money overseas to hide their accounts in greed,

living for themselves guard and gated, no vision to fix what is obviously inflated.

Yes, the red ink will dry for those folks in Karma.

In the meantime, while imagination escapes to wish a better fate, for the minority hoods and the kind people, who work long hours for good in the communities,

ASK yourself, are you doing what you should, If you could?

15 thoughts on “More To Do

  1. Hmm sad but true! There is so much we could do as a people and as a country! But God is still in control and I will give in whatever ways he bless me to give back to those in need, because its better to give than to receive! God bless you! Xxoo

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  2. These lines are truly a reminder of the poverty and the way our lives are. Having brought up in a country like India where poverty is at its extreme I truly want to end it. But its not just something that one of us can do, it needs the whole nation to stand up for it. But the change always starts with us and I will try my best to be that change.
    A very good poem I loved it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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