Just wanted to share something with my loyal readers. 

My ATLANTA FALCONS, my favorite football team for years now is keeping me from sleep. My team plays in the NFL Championship game against Green Bay in a matter of hours and I can’t sleep. I have been in this position with my team before but this time I think we got this…

because We Dat! Football runs deep in my veins since a little girl. A loyal fan to my team even with coaches and player changes after many years, but I been there for my team. 

I believe this is the year we can finally make it clear.

Matt Ryan, Julio, Beasley, Freeman and the rest of my ATLANTA FALCONS line-up are all ready to go give it all they got. As a loyal fan, I am ready to watch nervously, shouting, cheering and clapping loud with my hands.

It’s time My ATLANTA FALCONS! #RiseUp


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