You Know What?

What would you say if I told you to stay away? Don’t worry about me I don’t want to see you today.

You have some nerves thinking you deserve things that are not yours,when everything you pay for is outside these doors.

You don’t own Me. 

Your possessiveness won’t let me Be.

I think you need help, because you have a problem that you need to get to the bottom of, if you searching for love.

So do me a favor and get yourself together, but don’t call me until you better.


9 thoughts on “You Know What?

  1. I would think you didn’t love me at all. Someone who needs help needs support .
    They need boundaries if your not married or in a close relationship be it friendship or lovers. But to completely cut them off unless it is to save yourself then you didn’t care to begin with so stay away.

    Someone with mental issues need love and assurance and to know you will listen and not judge . But they need professional help. You can’t see inside someone’s hurt and pain . Like in grief , until this very day I convinced myself I was too angry with my mother to care if she was gone. Until I had a meltdown that lasted hours this morning . I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted .

    My husband held me and loved me through it. Which is not easy with someone screaming and tears and snot going everywhere .

    He hung in loved me through it. I am in counciling I am Blessed beyond belief. I can tell him anything . He knows everything from my past before he married me and married me anyway.

    If it were drugs and alcohol sometimes you have to protect you and with some mental issues .

    Everyone is not as lucky as I am . I even pushed God away but I am home.

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    1. Wow. What an amazing testimony. The reason for my poems is to reflect, released, remorse and create an open dialogue. It’s not easy in living in this world. Each person see a each moment each minute in life different. Let’s face it we all different. I experienced domestic violence growing up. Mentally as a child you grow up and see relationship differently. The words of this poem was reflected from childhood experience. If she would of just spoke these words my life would have been different. Some people you can’t hold on too…mental issues or maybe just who they really are as a person. I believe in forgiveness and also seeing a person who they really are inside and out. Real can recognize Real…Real talk. I am just blessed that you read my words and blessed me with your testimonal of words.

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      1. I have always been open with the way I see things at times to my detriment. I have messed up more relationships by not speaking my truth or if I did being told I was stupid , or get over it or big deal. Took me a lifetime to realize I am not stupid, I have not gotten over it and it sure is a big deal. I left an almost 20 year marriage because the last straw was I said I wanted to have a sexual abuse support group and he just said ” It was just sex get over it”. if I had been 20 I would have gutted him like a fish, such total disregard for anyone but himself. By the time I divorced him I was disgusted to be interested same room.

        I told him several years later that I didn’t hate him and he was the best man he knew how to be because his father was exactly the same way. I am so incredibly blessed to have a husband now that loves me , knows everything about me and will hold me if I cry and he is my true cheerleader. He taught me what real love is. Unselfish, Kind, thoughtful, strong , gentle , best friend. it took me a very long time in my 40’s to know what I wanted and didn’t want in my life.

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      2. I am truly glad to hear you have found the man that makes you happy and treat you like you want. You are truly blessed. I am blessed meeting you through my blog and you being open to share. Our lives have different journeys and stories we can all learn from and be blessed by. You are truly one of a kind.

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  2. “What would you say if I told you to stay away? Don’t worry about me I don’t want to see you today.” I myself would honor your feelings. There have been times when I’ve been cranky or even have felt like that person was just weighing too much on me mentally. People just need a break from one another. Reasons maybe for the better and some reason may just temporary. But an individual who keeps invading your need for space are clearly disrespecting your boundaries. That’s just my opinion.

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