Lost Dog

You are away from me
How can this be?

A lovely dog that I had since a puppy.

I brought you your favorite treats, 

let you lay on my bed sheets and made 

sure you were groom always nice and 


I miss you so much, why did you run away?

I never meant for any of this to happen 

this way.

I miss you licking my cheeks and trying 

to bite at my shoes as I take them off 


Things are not the same anymore,

I am so use to you always greeting me at the front door.

Coming home to check the mail seeing 

you at the window wagging your tail now 

you no longer there.

I am really hurting  because I don’t

know where you can be.

I hope you come back home soon my 

doggy pet friend, so I can be relieved and 

all this searching can end.


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