To My Man

I am your sexy lady
the one you call baby.

I drive you crazy

make your body feel amazing.

I give you what you need

even if sometimes we disagree.

You are my man, honey…

don’t tiptoe and do something funny.

I love you on a daily,

proud to be your sexy lady

sharing moments for a lifetime

just you and sexy I.đź’‹


11 thoughts on “To My Man

      1. I like how you did that with the filter. I’ve done something like that in the past. Disclosing but not disclosing what I look like. But I’m a weirdo like. You’re not and you didn’t have to do that because I can already see your beauty inside

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      2. Awww…thank you so much. I appreciate you as reader and blogger and I believe beauty is better seen inside-out than vice versa too. Thank you for letting me know you see the beauty within which is special. Our world needs more people to see things that way.


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