Chief c/o 2001

Laughing, reminiscing, sharing moments when we were a certain age, turning old school yearbook pages, living life through each phase.

Our lives has changed in so many ways from our highschool days, learning life lessons and thankful to God for his blessings. Things are not how they use to be, but we still finding ways to live our lives peacefully. 

Celebrating our 15 year highschool reunion seems only an illusion, as details of those days don’t ever really fade, thinking back to sharing lockers or trading test secrets to try to make our class grades.

Proud as we were of our highschool days graduating in 2001, is when our lives just begun. Now, most of us are enjoying a prestigious life, having families of our own, being successful business people, and working towards our dreams still young and ambitious. 

Our highschool class of 2001, is our history with memories and friendships that will always be treasured, as we reach different heights in our lives endeavors.


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