November 8th, 2016

Words I would like to say don’t ever seem enough to articulate what a good U.S. candidate for President should be for me but, its up to me to vote, so I will promote the one who can stand tall when we need them, to not choke and can make the right decisions without blowing smoke in the faces of American people with there delusional illusions. 
Growing up, a candidate running for U.S. president didn’t cuss or pick on babies because they made a fuss, they showed compassion kissing the babies on their cheeks, after their speeches.It was never heard of, that a candidate for presidency speaks so ill about the mentally disabled, veterans, or good samaritans, trying to win over votes making others their scapegoat, or providing transparency to connect with minorities by shaking hands with church members with bibles instead, of helping or finding solutions for people who struggling for their survival.

Nowadays, a lot has change for the positive, but its up to you to vote on November 8th, on which candidate you feel is adequate for President as Commander and Chief for four years and not a theif who stole your vote with words they put in the air as smoke.


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