Art with Words

Breathing words that takes away my vision, profanity. 

Sharp knives throwing darts to negative cells registering pollution airwaves around me, superwoman.

Listening to words penetrating through silence, causing a rumble within your activate imagination from my world vision to yours, art.

I create Art with my love for words. Not for perfection of words that is subjective to editing and correcting but, to tell a story that inspire, or create an open dialogue conversation to relieve frustrations that transpires. My art is a part of my writing blog in every post it is well defined and creates a fit to my puzzled world masterpiece to hang alone for others to admire…

Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading and enjoying my blog as I have hit the 100 post mark today. I hope you continue to follow me along this word art journey of poetry. Thank you for your likes and comments your words are much appreciated.




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