Precious Cries 

A baby cries alone with no one around to care for it.  

She cries

Her pain can be heard from village near and far yet, there is nothing anyone can do to for the child surrounded by suffering. 

Her village has been suffocated by poverty, starvation, and abandonment. 

She cries.

Her tiny body hasn’t been held, love or given the proper nourishment. 

Implanted into a land of misery sorrows. 

She cries. 

Her tiny body crawling on a muddy ground with no siblings or parents to be found. 

She cries.

Unaware of the love she deserves but, she yarns for love from someone or anyone who dares to care.

She cries and the World around her cries too.


2 thoughts on “Precious Cries 

  1. I was in a neighbor hood the other day and i wept. To see the negative effect of poverty on children and teneegers. You eventually become your environment because the environment gives you a thought pattern. You finally become your thoughts. I love ur work

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