Not born from the same father or mother yet, are connection of sisterhood is like no other.
We grew up together, under hard circumstances as we tryout life taking different chances.

You were there for me when I was abandoned by my family, being the person you are, you took me under your wing knowing I was living unhappily.

You were always there for me in times when I am was going through pain and misery. You were my big sister who told me not to be such a mystery but, to be the best person that I could possibly be without living life bitterly.

You wipe away my tears for so many years and motivate me to change many gears to get over my fears.

You have touch my life in so many ways, that each day I live my life positive and happy because I am blessed by a sister like you.

Thank you for loving me, understanding me, growing with me and showing me how special I can be.

I love you forever my big sister with all my heart, a sisterhood bond together never apart.


10 thoughts on “Sisters

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Sorry to hear about your sister friend who passed away. May God continue to bless your sisterhood no matter how far the distance. I am glad to have this sister in my life that I can treasure.

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