Weekend Relief

Monday to Friday the daily week grind is on everyone’s mind.

From the little ones to the elders, the daily week routine is a part of everyone’s schedule.

But after Friday work day, its time to leave work and do things your way. 

The weekend fun begins from catching up with friends, to enjoying a cold beverage, and partying.

Only during the weekends, staying up late all night to sleeping in all day is perfectly alright.

The weekend relief is only two days, that you don’t have to work or hear what your boss have to say.

Of course you have to do your chores to prep for the week, but at least you are not at a job for eight hours on your feet.

The weekend is the time to relax and unwind and enjoy the things that’s not work defined. 

So enjoy your weekend, don’t waste those days unless you are doing something that will get you paid. 


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