No Words

Someone asked me if I am going to put out a poem today?

I was surprised and had no words to say.

I love poetry it helps me vent and stay content but, my mind had been preoccupied by stressors of the world that puts me in bed ball-up into a curl.

Time seems to fly away during the day,which leaves me with little words to say.

 Motherhood, wife, and everything else in life makes things complicated especially when they are not anticipated.

If words of expression is not written on my paper, I am actually doing you all a huge favor.

I can think too much, and have words flow out of my brain like a water spout all uncensored. Baffling the good children that I mentor, and my career because I didn’t use a filter.

Poetry is my art wrapped around me to be a better me. 

My creativity and my expression is a passion that is not rush but formulated with time, to give you something to rewind in your mind to be a good read as one of kind.


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