Poem for Trent Frazier


Trent Frazier- 4 Star- 2017 Point Guard for Wellington High School, FL

Best for you

is doing what you

like to do.


motivated, determined

extraordinary and


Basketball has always been in your

hands, dribbling thru your legs,

to the basket, over players’ heads.

Always exciting to see you in action,

and how quickly you can maneuver with the ball with such passion.

Basketball has been dedicated to your fingers for hours,

as you and the ball,

connect to the hoop with such power.

Making three’s and layups,

passing to players, rotating setups.

You have raned up and down many and different

basketball courts.

Teams and jerseys may changed

but not your attitude, respect and love towards the sport.

It’s your Senior Year,

and your family loves you and is proud of you, my Dear.

You may have some tough choices, or

hear some negative voices,

but your family, trainers, and coaches,

stands by you on your

decision that approaches….

Keep pushing for greatness…

We love you Trent Frazier!


Go Wellington Wolves!!

Made for you from love by Auntie J Gomez


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