Hustle & Survival


Just to survive…

people do what it takes

to stay alive.

So respectfully, if you never had to hustle

to make a crumb out of a meal,

you ready don’t know the poor man’s hustle ordeal.

They holding on to what they got

enjoying living without an afterthought.

Not thinking when or if they are going to die…

or if they won’t see their family again, to tell them goodbye…

Every day can be a struggle worrying about

money problems,

keeping shelter from the weather,

providing food for their family,

so they can live happily…

They hustle on the streets legitimately selling Cd’s, T-shirts, Candy,

or helping around the neighborhood cutting yards or being handy.

They do what it takes to survive,

often enjoying living,

dancing to the heavens

when they receive a big money blessing.

Live to hustle or hustle to live,

life is a mystery with a lot of unwritten history.

Nothing in the books to tell,

how a poor man’s survives his hustle history-tales?

People do what it takes

to stay alive.



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