Work Together for a Difference


I haven’t had any words to express lately, due to the recent tragic events that has taken place in Baton Rouge, Minnesota and Dallas.  I am deeply sadden by what’s going on with the police and our communities.

It’s been six years since I lost my brother from a bullet from a gun. The pain will always remain with me. I lost someone I love. Now, I am only left with moments and memories of his existence and the pain of how horrible he died.  One bullet took my brother away from this Earth at the age of 24. It only took one bullet that killed my father in-law who I never got to meet.

I am tired of gun violence and it’s about time everyone else is too. Not alarming according to CNN, after the recent tension in some our American cities, The Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration has issued a warning to their citizens traveling to the U.S. to exercise extreme caution, do not become confrontation and cooperate if comforted by the police. The issue of gun violence is becoming more obvious watching the world news every night. Stories about neighborhood shootings, accidental shootings, officer involved shootings, mass shooting are more consistent and disturbing.

How can we be such creative thinkers that can invent the latest technology and can send a man to the moon but, we can’t think of more peaceful, tactical, takedown measures, which won’t cause a loss of life? I don’t pretend to understand the police system and their protocols of neutralizing escalating situations because each situation is different. A police officer has a dangerous and risky career, and one of the few occupations that can make a difference in the quality of life of fellow citizens. I respect police officers who respect their community and the citizens that they come in contact with every day. There are many police officers who make a noble commitment to defend civil liberties and to protect lives. Yes, there are some nasty police officers who need to be re-evaluated regarding their character and on job schemes but those rotten officers are not the majority.

I am against gun violence. The gun is the weapon of choice for a person who can be mentally stable or not to used. It only takes one bullet to end a life by the person that pulls the trigger.

There is no easy solution regarding the current tragic events that has taken place in some of our American cities however, each day can be a working progress. Let’s work together as citizens who respect each origin, creed, and color to create a positive difference and solution.




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