Daughter’s Pain


Replaying daily,
thoughts of you
not understanding what did I do.
Always was a good child,
earned good grades, tried alot of things to make you smile.
You endured nine months to birth me,
but when things got rough you packed and fleed.
You got caught up in your moments composed of arguments and disagreements.
Internally, you despised me and all of my achievements.
When you went away I blocked you out,  you never existed.
Not having you in my world as a mother  was twisted.
Five years not seeing you,
I put my pain to the side to be genuine and true.
Not asking you questions or judging you,
but you were not sincere.
Your motives were very clear,
to manipulate me for your gain,
crying fake tears mentally afflicting more pain.
Making me believe you have changed,
you can’t get back the time you missed,
because you decided you wanted me dismissed.
You have to live with your choices and actions,
I have to live with my thoughts of me being your dissatisfaction.



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