Wisdom Traveler

A traveling man with a pen writes what he observes,

coming from a different country he found this new place to be absurd.

Every urban street direction he turns there was a different intersection,

of ejection, imperfection, and misdirection.

Where politicians lost all connection.

He notes in his journal:

Filthy and trash on the ground and around the lakes,

People hanging on street corners making a lot of wrong mistakes,

Women half dress fussing and cussing at each other into a brawl,

 Homeless sneaks into hiding bushes to sleep in boxes with no walls,

Children playing with sticks as swords along bumpy roads with no shoes,

Meanwhile, government funding to help assist is being misused…

Turning to an Avenue street,

He notices things were much better and neat.

People waving and smiling as they greet.

It was perfection in this direction,

where politicians conduct their general election,

and people with no mistakes can vote for their selection.

He notes in his journal:

Clear lakes and ocean views,

Women dress to impressed not wearing clothing they outgrew,

children outside wearing sneakers playing with toys,

People hanging at coffee shops mingling with those employed,

Big homes with large yards,

 gated in private community with guards…

As he travels back to his country he reads his journal and reflects:

As a people we have to do more than cashed checks.

Let’s start thinking more complex,

 if not we will have a world of regrets.



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