Natural Reflection


Portrait by Frank Morrison

The reflection in the mirror

rewinds the thoughts of the past,

exclusively deeply rooted and memorized.

Bubble- gum girl talking, sitting on gym bleachers,

swamping magazines, drawing on sneakers.

Fashion consumed and musically persuade,

listening to secrets witnessing friends being betrayed.

Cheerful, energetic, and also naïve

vision focused with education to achieve.

Staring back at the eyes as a shrine,

submerge into fantasized,

watching music videos that dramatized.

Entrapped in glamour culture,

craving the body into sculptures.

The reflection in the mirror,

focused on the present much clearer.

Naturally fine, No makeup,

beauty marks and scars with a clear complexion.

Surviving many generations

bare, rare, and pleasurable to the eye that stare,

real image, true reality,

with curves that serve

beyond the vision of the eye.





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