A Voice to Rejoice

jazz-cafe Painting by Keith Mallett; jazz-cafe Art Print for sale
Jazz-cafe Painting by Keith Mallett

A voice that cannot speak,

knows plenty of secrets that she doesn’t leak.

So radiant and chic as a technology geek

yet, many people don’t respect her and turn the other cheek.

Born with a disability that affect her vocal chords,

she communicates with her hands or uses her pen as her sword.

Her dream is to sing and to make an album to record,

she creates songs in her notebook every night to be treasured and adored.

Determined to beat the odds she prayed heavily to her God,

to help her with her latest invention that others thought was flawed.

She created a device that can give her sound in her voice as everyone was awed.

Gracefully, she steps upon the stage with her creative invention,

everyone with respect gives her their full attention.

Strong-minded by her own decisions and choices,

She sings and records as her heart rejoices.



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