Love All Colors


We live in a life of colored images,

colors that are focused on beauty privileges.

Arrayed of bright, dark or fade,

different for each eyeshade to invade.

Shinning with luminous light is desired,

portrayed to be displayed and admired.

Captivating uniqueness and quality,

cherished as a rare novelty.

Complexion of shades and tones,

plenty of variations yet, many are unknown.

Colors of variety are all remarkable define,

magnificent spectacle of complexity bond to intertwine.

Gravitation to the similar and familiar colors that are represented,

oddly or likely many pigments are tormented.

Exhibited the creations of color images that are shown,

superb with each detail of attraction that are mind blown.

Profusely through blood veins are a diversity of color from Birth,

man-made or genuine each image is here on Earth.

Images of colors are to be honored and treasured not feared,

love all image of colors as the World continues to persevere.

hands around the world


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