Not Knowing


Mind in a twirl spin,

it has happened again.

One day I am fine,

living my life so divine.

The next day I am not,

Missing things, I have forgot.

Who are you? Where am I? What day is it?

I don’t like this part of my life No, not one bit!

Snap of a finger my brain turns back on,

I finally know who I am and the day I was born.

People think I am unstable or just plain crazy,

try having a disease that makes your mental functions lazy.

Pretty soon I won’t be able to remember,

any of my friends or family members.

I become angry, sad, and often a little mad.

I wish I can always remember would make me really glad.

The doctor states there is no cured but, it can be treated.

However, this progressive disease will have my memory very soon all depleted.

So when you see me don’t feel bad.

I could be your mom, grandma, dad or grandad.

I once had a good life that I could remember and share.

Why my memory has to leave?  It is just not fair!

Sometimes I don’t remember the small things like dressing or brushing my own hair.

My family love me and I can see in their eyes.

Especially, when I have my hard days and I burst out into cries.

This disease is not rare,

and cause quite a scare.

Raise awareness on Alzheimer’s, if you really care.










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