Dim street light

Creatures of the night

Critters floating on the sidewalk

Passing pollution of toxic talk

Driving for stares of attention

Dazed body performing without apprehension

Wrinkling inside destroying all purity

Dressed and laced covered with nudity

Timid to escape the lifestyle that is created

Vision of explorations for the mind to be sedated

Passed out as the sun blazed

Numb and awareness in a dazed

Starve for food and the next pleasurable

Standing by highways with labeled signs for a charitable

Can there be intervention?

Before another life heads to the next dimension?

At one time they were reputable…

Now, the darkness of rapidly hurt is inevitable.



One thought on “Bewildered

  1. I love this poem. You took me on a journey with your words. I see people begging for things all the time along the highways and you captured their routine with your words. Very nice.

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