Waking up to the alarm clock on Monday’s are tough,

the creator of the weekend break knew the work week was rough.

Only two-days for a weekend is really not long enough.

Working five days a week,

at boring job that is interesting or unique,

trying to survive to save money before you are too old or weak.

It does not matter if you are chasing after career goals,

or working to punch in and out the time clock to meet the payroll.

A three-day weekend should be up for vote,

or at least have an option for discussion that we all can promote.

If getting up on Monday’s is not what you seek.

Then you agree the work week needs a tremendous tweak.

To have a three-day weekend will be more than generous,

to sleep late or become more athletic or adventurous.

Just as long as Monday is not the day to start .

Tuesday will be the best day to set the work week apart.

Plus, working four days a week rather than five is very smart.

More time for family members and loved ones to capture your heart.

However, today is Monday, and is not a fun weekend day.

Be thankful for the weekends that fall on the holiday.


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