The Peace to Heal the Pain


The world has a pit of pain.

By utilizing knowledge others may retain.

Fighting for justice and peace for all to maintain.

Political leaders do their best trying to complain.

Meanwhile, people who in office play loony or insane.

No Justice, No Peace.

That is still the motto on the streets.

Guns, gangs, and drug dealings;

politicians wash their hands of all their justified killings.

Everyone is supposed to stay in their lane,

not seeing anything to be subjective to the crime to give blame.

Aren’t you tired of our youth being killed,

and blaming people who serve and protect who are not superman with a shield?

Crooked they are many say some,

to others they are Heroes with Leaders who get the job done.

When are we going to take a moment to yield,

and recognize this gun violence is real?

Let us do more than sit around a table,

and stop pleading that we are not willing and able.

There are too many body bags awaiting to be labeled.




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