Business Life



Everyone wants to be successful,

but work for companies that are disrespectful.

Making your life stressful,

pushing tons of work responsibility on you which is dreadful.

If you don’t put in the work, you are being dareful,

you can lose your job if you ain’t careful.

You thought this company will be different and things will be great,

but all they make you do is meet deadlines, conduct meetings and work super late.

They only pay you an average low hourly rate,

every time you received your paycheck you began to brew up hate.

You can barely cover your bills by their due date,

and those nice shoes you saw in the mall window will just have to wait.

Now, you cutting coupons and deciding which bills to postdate,

shaking your head not knowing how much you should tolerate.

You can’t save a dime or make it through a financial stormy weather.

You sit down and started to write your boss an expressive resignation letter,

hoping you make the right decisions that will make your life living a whole lot better.

Being successful doesn’t mean you have to it all together,

or feel the mental and emotional strain,

but to love what you are doing, make the money you deserve, so you don’t ever have to complain.



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