An Argument


What would I say, if he says he needs a break?
I would think he has lost his mind and making a big mistake.
Years and memories don’t equal the hurt of defeat.
You mad because I am not catering to your body from your head to your feet?
You think there will be someone else better?
Honey, I dont compare!
How would you feel when your heart is bare?
Would you think of me or would you not even care?
Life brings the pain and so often we don’t gain.
Only wasted days, memories, and time.
You are making me think I am losing my mind.
I am not apologizing anymore for my pain.
You gave me a scar that I will always retain.
Maybe this relationship should bite the dust.
No more fuss or disgust of what I am not doing.
Let’s get this storm over that already brewing.


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