Start of this day…Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Waking up to sounds of birds singing,

and no alarm clock ringing,

It’s the weekend,

I started to comprehend.

Through my window the sun brightly glares.

It’s a new day,

I can do things in a better way,

erasing all the faulty nightmares.

Stretching out my arms to the ceiling,

I get out of bed,

before doubts upon worries creep into my head.

I started my mediation kneeling of healing.

Thankful for the roof over my head,

clothes on my back,


food to eat,

I pray harder and then repeat.

Wiping the sleepiness from my eyes,

grateful and faithful

Of my life as I continue to rise.

Good Morning, I say to you all on this Memorial Day.

A day of remembrance of our U.S. Soldiers who passed away.

They made the ultimate sacrifice

with their life they paid the price.

So as we begin to celebrate with BBQ grills,

and stories of everyone’s life thrills,

let us reflect on our U.S Soldiers

who gave us this time for us to just chill.

Land of the brave,

We fight and fight to never cave.

We fly freely our flag of red, white, and blue, stars, and stripes,

United we stand with our Soldiers who go to battle for our freedom with no gripes.



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