Stand UP!


Boom!  I just witnessed a young lady fall upon the floor in her eight inch heels. In my head as I walk towards her I wanted to state, “Dang, lady! That was an ugly fall. You just busted your butt, hurt your back and bruised your ego by falling in front of all those strangers. Get up! Don’t just sit there unless you broke something. Do you have any broken bones? Can you move, think, talk, and walk? If so, you have to get up quickly or these kind onlookers are going to pull out their camera phones.”

Instead as I approached her, I inquired if she was okay, and gave her my hand to help assist her up off the floor. She stood on her two feet and fixed herself back together. She was okay. We both departed ways, but I walked away with another life lesson.

In life we can’t predict when we are going to fall down or the type of fall. Considerably, there are the physical body structure falls to the floor and/or the internal falls (setbacks) which affects your mental and emotional health. Normally, if we fall down on the ground we are not badly hurt. We have the capability and the confidence to quickly get back up.  However, it’s not the same for the mental and emotional recovery. Equally, these downfalls, setbacks, disappointments, loss, embarrassments, and change gives us a temporary hurt of pain, sadness, anxiety, and stress. In addition, to the pain with mental and emotional scaring which causes internal jolting of questions, doubts, insecurities and fear before the confidence reappears. These types of setbacks initiate us to find assistance in order to bounce back up and stand on two feet. Everyone is different when it comes to managing their feelings and emotions. Nevertheless, staying down, depressed, stressed and emotional unfit is not healthy and damaging to your livelihood.

This is why it important to have a good support team, like family and friends that care about you enough to give you their hand to help you get that confidence you will need to get better.

Giving you my hand to stand strong on two feet here are some healthy tips to start.

  1. Write or Talk about it. It is important to address the problem to find ways to conquer the issue. You can write about it in journal, video chat or tell your support team.
  2. Mediate, Pray, Listen to Uplifting Music or Read Motivation/Inspiration Books. It is important to find your inner peace.
  3. Get Back to You. Do things that you enjoy doing such as exercising, creating art, helping others or discover new things.

Finally, take 20 minutes and look yourself in the mirror. Acknowledge that there is only one you which is unique in every aspect and beautifully created with a purpose. As you look in the mirror enjoy what you see and get your confidence back.

Don’t let the many obstacles of life experiences take anything from you but embrace it to make it a better you. Sometimes the emotional scaring is temporary or permanent however, we all have the ability to keep standing and walking one step at a time. Nevertheless, you can’t take a step unless you first stand.




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