A royalty ceremony we hold sincere,

as family members and friends get ready to cheer.

Graduates dress in their school caps and gowns,

shaking with excitement as they look all around.

Audience flashing paparazzi photos creating a celebrity atmosphere,

while parents get out their tissues hoping their eyes wont tear.

Family members hold on to ceremony programs as a scrapbook souvenir,

as the anticipating of the Grad’s name is approaching very near.

What an achievement, with no GPA disagreement?

Phasing out the principal and all of the commentating speeches,

it’s time to let go of the students and hope they followed what life teaches.

As the Graduates steps up one -by- one on to the stage,

as dreamer chasers they will seek and create their own journey’s life page.

The Graduates all walked proud with confidence as they stand,

posing, and smiling for photos with diploma in hand.




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