Graduating to the Next Level


My five-year-old son, graduated from Pre-Kindergarten last week. The most memorable moment of the night was my son dancing and smiling throughout the entire ceremony. The excitement and joy was contagious with the entire audience smiling and snapping photos. It was an achievement for the students, teachers and parents. The teachers were thrilled they completed teaching their students all their lesson plans. The students were delighted complete all the requirements to proceed to the next level, and the parents glad that they completed the baby- toddler stage of their child’s life.

Now, the graduating preschoolers are ready to proceed to Kindergarten and the parents are ready to embrace for the next developmental growth stage. Rapidly, approaching in my son’s next phase of academic challenges are reports, presentations, research, studying and procrastinating. Yes, I am aware that my son is going to avoid and put things off until the last minute for more enjoyable things in life because it is hereditary. Speaking for myself, I know I ‘ve procrastinated on school reports more than once each grade level. Furthermore, procrastinating is a part of Life and with many people it’s a part of their everyday routine. Plus, there are early indicators that you are going to be a procrastinator and it started when you were about the age of 4 or 5. For example: Your parents requested for you to turned off the video game. Your child’s response will be “Can I have five or ten more minutes, please.” My point exactly early signs of avoidance.

Joking aside, procrastinating starts early and it’s something we all agree that we do. However, postponing helping your child learn and grow to graduate in life is unacceptable. The best things we can do for our children is try to be good examples. On my child’s program I notice a note that stated that my son is a part of the graduating class of 2029 if he stays on course. 2029 seems like a long time for now, but it really isn’t. Five years, swiftly came for all the parents and students celebrating the graduation ceremony that night. As well as once the students begin Kindergarten we will be approaching the year 2017.

Don’t wait to be a great role model for your child. There are too many children who do not have a mom or dad to at least try to be example for them every day. Start early, get involved with your child’s learning, maintain good open communication with your child and stay involved. Children grow fast, and life move even faster, stay on track to graduate to many next levels with your child today.



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