Good Deed


“Get your old ass out of the road woman!” yelled the driver in front of me in his red Range Rover. Not vigilant of what was taking place I attempted to go around the driver, but quickly noticed a fragile, deep-rooted, lady dress in her Sunday’s best clothing, walking unhurried across the street.  She seemed unbothered by the jackass in his red Range Rover and was determine to get to the other side of the street if it took her all day. The signal light was on green for our traffic to continue to flow to our destination however, we were being delayed by the elderly woman dawdling to get to the other side of the street. Not hesitating with my actions, I proceed to get out of my car to help the senior with her journey. I approached the mature lady and requested permission to let me assist her across. She looked at me and gave me her shaky arm and we walked gently to safety. She thanked me for my assistance and told me that God will bless me. I wished her a beautiful day and raced back to my car.

My thoughts were with the elderly lady that I helped across the street for many days. I pondered why the driver in the red Range Rover didn’t quickly take the same actions as I or why he was so disrespectful with his comments. Understanding that I will never have the answer of what that driver was thinking I decided to write about it.

We go through life on this fast pace track rushing to always go around and jump hurdles but when do we have time to complete good deeds?

When was the last time you donated to charity, volunteered at the soup kitchen or local community center? When was the last time you did something for someone you knew was in need and not wanting anything back in return?

These are the questions that I probed myself. I want to be successful but I also want to be the best me that I can be. Which is humbled, genuine and compassionate. Success is staying dedicated, working hard every day towards what you want and rushing to get things completed. Nevertheless, caring for others will help you with your success and will drive you towards making this society a better place for all. Don’t be insensitive to people needs and hardships. Complete a good deed today and don’t expect anything to come your way but the goodness.


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