blue sky

Upside down I stand on my head, my aching heart has been torn to shreds.

Alleviating the pressure, I positioned my body to bed.

Wishing I didn’t have to think about the painful journey ahead.

Laying between the blankets my brain starts to race.

Running through countless memories not wanting them to erased.

Leveling out my aggression, angry, and pain.

My eyes swollen opened staring at gray skies of crying rain.

Did today just happen? Is this really true?

I am so miserable here without the love from you.

No more of your smiles, jokes or traditions, or hearing the stories of your next journey of ambitions.

I regret the times and moments I can’t get back.

Forgiving all the pettiness that our egos might have impact.

Wishing I could slow down the ticks of the clock.

Wanting a quick answer if we could make this all stop.

Maybe there is a way that the galaxy or heavens gates can be locked?

Why at this instant, time, and day that God decided it was you to take away?

Shaking my head not getting nowhere with my thoughts.

Echoes of people sending their condolences for my family lost.

When it feels like my air is back to breathe.

Bad thoughts of hurting others will possibly start to leave.

When there is finally no one to hold accountable or to blame. I will let go of all the animosity and shine light on your name.

Be at peace with kisses and this temporary “goodbye”

Take my love my beloved and spread your wings and fly.




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