What Keeps You Going?


Reading one of my old journal entries dated March 10, 2014, I noticed a horoscope glued to the bottom of the page from a magazine that I labeled inspiration.

It reads: Virgo

Life is kind of hard for you, as you want to get out in the world and take part in some new opportunity- but you are stuck taking care of an old obligation. If you’re good, things should pick up soon.

It’s perplexing to me that I will have this particular horoscope as inspiration because I am not one to believe in horoscopes. However, this horoscope now has me staring at this small strip of writing on a piece of paper that gave hope to my entire journal entry. I took a moment to read through my writing and reflected on my struggles of becoming a new mom and looking at the world with different lenses. There were many responsibilities that I had to meet and expectations from others that were demanding at that stage of my life. My strength at the time was writing my emotions and dealing with each problem as they arise while having faith that things will get better. Those little words that were on my horoscope sparked me to write out my goals and started planning for a new future because now, I was a mother. I already knew I was a good person if that was really what the horoscope was insinuating, I just needed to add the new opportunity to my life without being stuck with the old obligation. Old obligations are things that hold us down and keep us from what we are trying to succeed. Old obligations can be anything from financial obligations like student loans, or finishing a project, or dealing with problems you tried to avoid. No part of the horoscope details how to take care of the old obligation it just states that I am stuck taking care of it.

Nevertheless, the purpose of the horoscope was to inspire me to create and accomplish many goals within that time period believing in new opportunities.  Looking at life with a different perceptive, I have notice that there are many positive signs all around us for encouragement, motivation, strength, love, growth, and opportunity but people are not vigilant to recognize these signs until they are experiencing misfortune. You can find inspiration and support at local religious centers, schools, libraries but can you find it in your own home?

My advice is to don’t wait until you are in a devastating situation in your life to be enriched with the knowledge of encouragement. Start your day on an uplifting beat by reading words of motivation and strength to help you along your journey. Take care of your body, eat healthy, and stay focus on the positive things in life. Find strength in positive messages or think about where you have been and how far you have arrived to help you get through tough life struggles. Let’s face it, negativity and discouragement is all around us every day and can be an old obligation if you are not careful. So start finding your reassurance within yourself each day to give you strength towards many new opportunities that the world has to offer.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

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