Journey Vision


Every day I ride over a bump in the road.

Contemplating can I stand the pressure or can I carry the load?

Sometimes I will find myself at a crossroad street.

Thinking about do I hurry along this path or stop to see how the roads meet?

This journey of life is not meant to be understood.

Do you think if it were would there will be people living in ghetto hoods?

My day will come where I will be living out my dreams.

Until that point do I keep focus or let out screams?

Everyone wants a great journey in life especially with money.

If we could provide for all people would our streets be so bloody?

Not comprehending when people say life is for the rich and scummy.

If that so, why don’t our streets have flowers with birds and bees eating honey?

Politics and religion shouldn’t be used in the same sentence so I been told.

Is this why all our moral believes are being hidden like oil and gold?

Back to real life I mediated my soul.

What would you do to not fall in Life’s pit hole?

Working every day to make a better me.

This is a journey vision of my life what would yours be?



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