Have you ever listened to No More Drama by Mary J. Blige? Suitably, this was my waking up song on my alarm clock this morning, to start things on a positive note. Not feeling positive at all, because of a lack of sleep I tried to make an attempt. After reading comments and emails this morning, not to my surprise I found a lot of hate emails. What baffles me is why do people put in so much time writing hurtful words? Is it to make themselves feel better? Is it to make me stop writing?  Do they think they can keep me from writing? These are the questions I query with myself when I reading these obnoxious comments and emails. The discouragement and the negativity all started once I decided that I was going to start blogging.  There were a couple of people who reached out to me wanting to support my writing career. At first, I was given many assignments to complete at no charge to try build my portfolio and hopefully get a retainer but nothing ever happened. Conversely, once my capabilities became apparent the displeasure of considering me to succeed in writing became intimidating, and petrifying. Instead of providing the reassurance needed to reinforce my writing they advised me of their disgust.

Basically, writing every day and writing about topics that are uplifting, positive, motivational and inspirational is not something that all people want to read. That’s why there are different kind of genres for all different people. However, with blogging I can write about any topic that comes to my mind and I am okay with that because that is my writing freedom. Ultimately, this will be my last time mentioning or giving notice to those who are not supporting me because there is no place in my life for the negativity. The only advice that I can tell those who are appalled about me writing is to stop reading it. You don’t have to waste your time writing me telling me if you don’t like my topics or what I am saying. You don’t have to worry about my upcoming book or who is going to published it. I will keep on writing and I wish you all a positive future.




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