Make A Difference

Exploring life, I realized that your comfort zone is always tested. Picture going on a family vacation at a shopping mall and you notice something peculiar. A man standing six-feet tall, wearing a flamboyant suit, with matching shoes and hat, in the middle of the food court demanding orders from five young ladies scarcely under dress.  Now, at first you are unsure what you are observing until you detect that the man who is commanding the young ladies around is a pimp and the five young ladies are his meal ticket in many ways. Now, having a clear understanding of the situation at the food court the response is to make a beeline towards the exit. Finding the “exit” is the comfort zone because you are on vacation with your family and you don’t have time for the drama. However, if you were by yourself would you go outside your element to try to educate the five young ladies on self-respect and self-empower? Many people will agree that it will not be there responsibility nor their business to intervene but if we could do something would you?

Our daily journey in life have us approach many circumstances where you have to take action. It doesn’t matter if you are driving to work and someone crashes into your front-end of your car or if you don’t have the money to pay a final notice bill. The immediate response is to take care of the problem and go through the different processes and procedures to fix the car or to delay the final notice bill.  Processes and procedures are the typical norm of dealing with some of our situations to take care of our problems.  Although, we may have help with some of life circumstances we don’t have help for all situations.

Many people are in need of help in our community, in our State and around the world. The ability to help others does not follow guidelines or checklists which is why people are so contained or apprehensive to make a difference in people lives.  My opinion is that people don’t act because of the fear of being outside of their element is dangerous or too scary. For example, people witness crimes all the time yet, the witness will not report the crime to the law because of fear of what will transpire to them. Is this reaction selfish or self-conscious?

The “I do it for myself” mentality is not portrayed by everyone because there are many Heroes everyday who sacrifice their lives for us to breathe. Nevertheless, there are many people who do not do anything for anyone but themselves. Honestly, you can’t make a difference by being in fear. Don’t be afraid to take action by overcoming your challenges to help others. Start making time in your day to volunteer at local libraries, schools, food banks or by taking a walk picking up trash. Every small action equals a reaction towards a better society for all.  One person cannot do everything that is needed to help better society, but with the help of many people it will start to get accomplished.Make a difference


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