What’s your inspiration?


Upon reading, you may think this is a fairytale but in reality this is a breif insight into a man’s life that walks the earth everyday as a hardworking and dedicated individual. He started his profession as a young man that others observed as a hindrance. His positive demeanor and charm makes him smile in the face of adversity and work harder to better the community where he grew up. Humble he dedicates over fifteen years of his life inspiring others at a local elementary school.

He wakes up every morning with his family by his side to pray before he starts his daily journey. Arriving at the first entrance gate before the sun breaks the clouds, he reaches into his side pocket to grab his keys and places the correct key into the lock to open the chains to the gate. His day has begun as he opens up the remaining entrance gates. Everything is quiet for just a few more moments as he takes his first steps towards the school doors to turn on the lights. He looks around the grounds breathing in the morning air and examining the school to be sure everything is ready before the students arrive. Satisfied knowing that the school is ready for the teachers to teach and the students to learn. He walks proudly to the parent drop-off sidewalk to start greeting students for the day. As he opens each car door he greets the students with a fist bump and a motivational speech to inspire a good day of learning. Each step he makes across the school yard he is on a mission to help others and inspire the youth to continue learning. He is not a teacher, nor a counselor but
a very classic man in our society that appreciates his community. He is a man that do for others all the time and doesn’t look for anything in return. His actions are greater than his job title or required duties.

Such a great person exists within us all to motivated and inspire others.

What will be your inspiration for others today?


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