It’s about Time!

When you are waiting for something for so long and finally it presents itself you are excited. This is how I feel about writing. At first, writing was very personal to me. I didn’t trust family or friends to articulate my troubles. So I started journal writing when I was eight years old. The purpose of my journal writing was to cope through my pain. Let’s face it, I seen a lot growing up from physical abuse, domestic violence, suicide, murder, selling drugs, criminal mischief and so much more that I can give you a book about each and every topic but that is not my intention of expressing myself in writing. Violence, poverty, and senseless people are always going to be around to show its face of evil no matter who you are or where you are located. To pretend that these things don’t exist will not help anyone flourish.

As I learned from experience many people succumb to pain and have a hard time speaking to others about their hurt. Journal writing gave me relief and a sense of confidence that I will not be persecuted by paper and pen expressing my battles. Truth be told, writing has never hurt my feelings or let me down. Maturing more in life, I now understand that my words are not just for myself anymore. My words can help heal, motivate and encourage others that are going through discomfort.

It took time for me to open up and share my writing for others to see because of fear. I needed to endure having people criticize, hate and discourage my words that I felt are very precious. Nevertheless, I have overcome that fear and believe that it is imperative to help others to be inspired. At this point of my life, I know it is my time to create a dialogue that will reveal truth and wisdom using this platform.

Many go through life experiencing tons of things and don’t utter a word of their wisdom to anyone. It’s time for that to stop. Why live life and not tell about it? How are we going to support future generations who don’t understand the unsympathetic, merciless and spiteful actions of others in society if we don’t educate? To educate you must communicate therefore, my words will be publicized for all who are willing to read and understand. There will not be a perfect cure however, I believe that my actions in time will make strives for relief.



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