What’s In Your Writing?

Do people stated they believe in you and they really don’t? Do people talk about you when you are not thriving and start a gossip committee? Do people have animosity towards you and it’s your time to shine?

Well, if you can relate to any of those questions you understand hostility and hated from people have been around for centuries penetrating minds. To reflect such bittiness towards someone’s success is a reflection of their upbringing and their own uncooperative spirit to acknowledge greatness.

Personally stating, not all people have the intentions or animosity towards your ambitions sometimes it is direct or occasionally, it is your own self-scrutiny. In spite of that, choose a path towards your own aspirations understanding discouraging people will be standing along the journey.

That is why deciding to write remains a vision for me to encourage and enlighten others. Reading has been my passion since grade school and writing has always been my coping mechanism. My motivation to inspire originates from my life survival, self-direction and enduring poverty struggles. My privilege will be observing my words being absorbed to influence greatness and to portray a message of excellence. Certainly, identifying with the journey my pathway has cleared to start take off into the writing world. My first steps are to blog about different topics giving you the realness of my words while staying uplifting. Each step of the way, my writing will be a progression with future writing emerging.

Coining the saying in its current form is Margaret Wolfe Hungerford “Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.”



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