Love the Most

After watching Beyoncé Lemonade masterpiece, she clearly captivated us with her visual and musical artistry.Beyoncé songs about love and the unity of a couple that has it struggles, pain and turmoil had many people reflecting upon their own love relationships. Relationships can be a hard challenge to maintain especially if you are not communicating or working towards a common ground. Some web reviews are stating, “If  Beyoncé is experiencing infinitely subsequently, nobody has a safe marriage.”

First, not all married people or people in a relationship has a partner that is a cheater. Things happen in life where a couple could be distance from each other for varies of reason. Money is sometimes the underlined cause of people acting stupid. If a married man has money and he is having relationship problems, chances are you will find him at a strip club venting his feeling by throwing away money. However, if a married woman has money and you pissed her off she will probably be on the phone with her girlfriends talking about her love life all night until she feels better. One thing for sure, love is not about money or getting cheated on.  Both women and men have different ways of handling struggles within their relationship. Love is internal and external within a bond. Which means as an individual you should be able to find love with yourself to set boundaries of what exactly you are going to tolerate or not within the unity. When you first enter the unity you and your partner will have to collaborate on standards that both of you came up with as the foundation of the relationship to grow. Settling for something that you thought the person has as good qualities and are not is no one fault but your own. Love the most out of yourself and the love will be transparent for you and your partner to enjoy. Life is all about learning and growing and when you are in a relationship, you should be able to grow with that person no matter what unless they are causing you physical or emotional harm. Forgiveness in a relationship is always hard because you have to accept what the partner has done to you and move on together not throwing up what they did to you all the time in a disagreement. If you can’t forgive what the person has done to you then you can’t continue to love that person and be in that relationship. The greatest struggle in forgiveness is to challenge yourself to reevaluate your relationship and come up with the conclusion if the love is worth it. Are you going to help your partner to pull through their struggles or are you ready to walk away?  A life with love and to be in love within a relationship are the most glorious things on earth. Nevertheless, to have love in your life you will have to have trust in your partner to be sincere, honesty and always in love with you. It is up to both of you within the relationship to love the most and work on your love every


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