Celebrating Life

Growing up as a young girl having many birthday parties were some of the best memories in my life. The excitement and the anticipation of my birthday approaching were conveyed upon by my family members and friends collaborating together to create a birthday party celebration. Naturally, the bonus of getting my hair straighten made me feel older. Nevertheless, receiving birthday outfits, money stuff cards and eating succulent food remained a growing up trend for me. The real purpose of the birthday bash was to celebrate my life of turning a calendar year older towards adulthood. Learning very early in life that not every day is promised for anyone. My upbringing shaped my respect to cherish life by inhaling the minutes we breathe and exhaling the seconds my family and friends can collaborate in unity.  As you reach a certain age celebrating your birthday makes you feel old at times. You start to think about what you haven’t accomplished yet and what you still need to do while you can.

Many people believe if you don’t count your birthday and stay in good health you will act young and be young. I don’t know if that theory is true, but I do believe that you are as young as you feel. So yes, good health is important but that doesn’t justify that you still are getting older. Embracing your age is a sign of accomplishment and wisdom. As you get older, you start to understand the value of your life and the years you were able to celebrate. Every day is a day to make a difference in your life and others.  Life should be celebrated and enjoyed with family and friends. The celebration is not about getting older but loving the way you feel about yourself. Celebrate your life, embrace your age, make memories and Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday


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