The Incomparable “Prince” of Music.

When I read the news that one of the greatest music legends Prince Roger Nelson known as Prince had died, my heart dropped. My thoughts immediately went back to the time I was introduced to his music when I was a teen. I remember coming home from school and my mother was in a sporadic good mood. She was laughing and singing in the living room with our stereo system blasting Diamonds and Pearls by Prince and The New Power Generation. It remains a special irreplaceable moment between my mother and I as the heartfelt lyrics were being digested in my soul. Extraordinary memories of life to me come from reminiscing and celebrating life.

Prince is a life of celebration that will be forever iconic for many people lives around the world. As a music lover, I knew that Prince was sharing his brilliant and talented gift of himself with us by creating memories and music beyond future generations to enjoy. Prince was internationally known for being an American singer, flamboyant entertainer, multi-instrumentalists, genius songwriter, record producer and actor. In honor of Prince, celebrate his music and appreciate life.

Prince I hope you rest in Musical Harmony and Peace (June 7, 1958-April 21, 2016)



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